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KMK Africa Advocates LLP
"Recalibrating the Ethos of Legal Practice"

Who we are

KMK Africa Advocates LLP is a boutique law firm based in Nairobi, Kenya, focusing on the Financial Services, Technology, and Real Estate sectors. In the Financial Services sector, we handle various aspects of legal practice, including compliance and consumer legal needs. The firm assists service providers in banking, capital markets, insurance, pensions, and Saccos in addressing all their sector-specific legal requirements.

Within our technology practice, we strive to ensure that businesses achieve optimal regulatory compliance through tailored legal solutions suited to their business models. Our Commercial & Real Estate Department manages a wide array of commercial legal matters for businesses and facilitates securitization and diverse property transactions for property developers, vendors, and purchasers. Our approach to client service is solution-oriented. We also customize our delivery processes to accommodate the requests of each client, considering the diverse needs and unique nuances that each situation demands.

Established in 2018, the firm’s lawyers possess distinct expertise in both domestic and cross-border mergers, acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, legal advisory, regulatory compliance, and practical legal advice. We champion environmental sustainability and ethical business practices, as our business model is rooted in full legal compliance, adaptability, anticipation of market needs, and a focus on end-to-end solutions for business setups. Moreover, we have implemented measures to manage risks and compliance, and we are committed to ensuring that we are well-equipped to serve our clients and cultivate long-term relationships for mutual benefit.


Client Service

Ability to anticipate client’s needs and provide tailor-made solutions to client’s problems.We have the precision to break down ordinary problems into cogent legal issues that we solve with ease.


Our founding partners bring a unique blend of academic and technical competencies and experiences thereby enhancing our ability to meet the needs of the ever evolving market.

Research and Education

Content and opinion leaders on complex and emerging legal issues.

Forward thinking

We see the future with you.

Industry leadership

In-depth understanding of industry dynamics and trends.